Veg box challenge

I love getting my Riverford veg box every Wednesday! Unless we’re over run with potatoes or artichokes, I never look at the box contents on line, but wait to be surprised when the box arrives. It might help planning if I checked, but I love a bit of creativity and spontaneity, particularly if there is a vegetable that I’m not particularly familiar with, or that’s not a bit hit with the family. And cooking dairy free, gluten free and plant based just makes the challenge a little more interesting!

I’ve been getting a Riverford organic veg box for a long time now, apart from when we were in India – bit too far for them to deliver! I did, however, find a local one whilst I was there, which presented an even bigger challenge at times.

In my opinion, organic vegetables not only taste better, but being grown more naturally in cared for soil means they contain more nutrients, less chemicals and are better for the environment. And I know that everything grown is as local to the UK as possible, not flown half way across the world, and is therefore fresher and more vibrant.

So when I get asked “what do you eat in a normal week, then?’, my answer is that it depends on what’s in my veg box! And as I’ve been a bit lax with the blogging recently, I’ve decided to do a blog a day for a week, all about what I’ve made with the veg from my box.

This weeks gorgeous delivery was waiting on my doorstep earlier. We’ve got potatoes, carrots, onions, fat leeks, parsnips, chard, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, a huge sweet mama squash and a couple of vibrant green batavia lettuces. Nothing surprising or unconventional this week, so not too difficult to think up some yummy dishes. I’m thinking parsnips for tonight’s dinner – tomorrows post will tell you all about it!

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