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The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen is run by Karen Lee, retired intensive care nurse, naturopathic nutritionist, author and speaker. Based on the importance of the food-health connection, Karen promotes the benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet - for health, wellness and the wider world.

'Food you love that loves you back' is of top importance in The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen as food has to taste great - otherwise why would you eat it?

The Sensitive Foodie started out as a blog, documenting Karen's new journey in plant-based eating as she changed her diet to manage her food intolerances and autoimmune condition. As interest increased, she started offering cooking demos, workshops and courses to help empower others to make the changes that work for them.

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Combining her experience and knowledge as an intensive care nurse with her studies in naturopathic nutrition, Karen believes in the power of food as medicine and uses it to manage her own health challenges.

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