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My Story

My name is Karen Lee, and I love food, but unfortunately not all food loves me. I set up The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen to share my passion for eating great food that's good for the tastebuds as well as your health.

Discovering that I had food intolerances that were making me sick was a real turning point in my life. As someone who loves their food, it was initially really hard to make the changes I needed to to improve my health and still eat great tasting food. I started by adapting my favourite recipes using dairy free and yeast free ingredients, and created a blog to share my new recipes with others - the launch of The Sensitive Foodie!

Moving from the UK to India for a few years gave me the opportunity to study nutritional medicine as well as attend a number of whole food courses; this helped me to realise how beneficial a whole food plant based diet is to health. Having worked as an intensive care nurse, I have seen time and again the impact that poor lifestyle and diet choices choices have, and how much people suffer because of them, not just directly from a chronic condition itself, but also the treatments prescribed to manage them.

I use this amazing way of eating to manage my multiple sclerosis, a degenerative neurological condition, so I really know from personal experience how eating amazing food can help your body be as well as possible, shining with vitality and energy.


My philosophy

As humans, we need to relate to our surroundings, environment, others around us and the food we consume in order to feel part of the world. When we become disconnected, our well-being suffers.

If we put the wrong fuel in our cars, the engine will be ruined. The highly processed high fat, high sugar foods available to us today is the wrong fuel for our body's engine. Over time, we start to break down. Chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, osteoporosis or cancer are all signs that we are running on the wrong fuel.

I believe that a plant based whole food diet is the best way to  provide your body with the right fuel. Cutting out refined and processed food, and replacing them with whole plant options stops the process of degeneration and helps you heal and become healthy once more. If you think about it, a whole orange gives you so much more than just juice.

Eating this way is not about doing without; it can open up a whole new approach to food and eating that's delicious and nutritious all in one. Free from food cravings and with revitalised taste buds, you will feel and look amazing. And it's not just me who feels this way. Click here to see how people I have worked with have experienced amazing changes to the way they feel by adopting a whole-food plant-based diet.

The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen is here to help you on this wonderful journey of real food discovery.

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Services offered

Karen works with individuals and organisations who are focused on promoting health and well-being and creating positive changes. As well as her running her own courses, Karen will work in partnership with organisations and groups offering tailored workshops or courses, establishing peer to peer groups that provide mutual support for on-going individual transformation.

Karen also shares her knowledge as a speaker for groups, organisations, work-place well-being programmes and larger events. To find out more, please email


Karen is a full member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners, the voice of Nutritional Therapy in Europe.



Karen is proud to be a member of Plant-Based Health Professionals UK, promoting diet and lifestyle for health.



Karen is also a member of the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM), an organisation that promotes evidence-based lifestyle medicine. Her Eat Well Live Well online course is accredited with BSLM.

Membership number 104822517
Membership number 104822517