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I was so happy to be a speaker at Vegfest London at the end of October. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I was there for the day, selling my book Eat Well Live Well with The Sensitive Foodie and then giving a talk near the end of the day. It was a bit of a dream come true as I have been a huge fan of Vegfest for years.

In the early days of my dairy-free eating, I made an annual pilgrimage to Vegfest in Brighton (Hove actually – at the Town Hall)  with my daughter, mainly to sample all the dairy-free chocolate that was on offer, but also to find out more about plant-based eating. I sat in on cooking demos and a couple of talks, never thinking that one day I would be doing both as my job!

Vegfest has grown so much since those early days. It’s still the biggest vegan festival and has spawned many smaller ones, including the inaugural Horsham Vegfest in February this year where I was also honoured to be a speaker. The Sensitive Foodie has definitely been shaped by our many visits to the show over the years. The only downside about actually having a stall this year was I didn’t have time to go shopping!

My talk – ‘Making Positive Change – 5 easy steps to start your whole-food plant-based journey’ went well. Hopefully it gave the audience some useful, practical tips to get them going.

As we come to the end of the year (already!), you might be considering changes you would like to make for 2020. So I’m going to write a series of blogs – one a week – leading up to Christmas based on the talk I gave to help prepare you for 2020 – your healthiest year yet.

I decided to do this series last week whilst walking around a 3500m high volcano in Tenerife. Not that we climbed up all the way! Oh no, not that crazy! As we got into the cable car, my husband mentioned that the uneven paths and high altitude meant that it was unsuitable for people with mobility issues. So once again, I thanked my lucky stars that my body is behaving itself and that whilst my multiple sclerosis bites back from time to time, it generally stays calm and under control. My whole-food plant-based diet definitely contributes to this.

As we wandered around the very uneven path (I only tripped a few times!), gazing at the most amazing view, I started to think about how lucky I am. Health – good health – is fundamental to living well, to being happy. There are of course other things that bring happiness, but having looked after so many people with chronic health problems and/or persistent pain, I well aware of the importance of being well. The food-health connection is huge; making positive changes change be overwhelming and challenging. As I walked, I decided to share my easy changes with you on the blog, so that if you are thinking of using food as medicine, or making some simple but effective changes, you have something to guide you through.

I hope you enjoy the series; the first instalment starts on Tuesday. And if you’ve not already subscribed to my blog, now might be the time to do it so you don’t miss an instalment – just fill in the box on the side panel.

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