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It’s only three weeks until Christmas Eve! I’m not sure where this year has gone, but I’m finding it hard to get my head around the festive season. The food side is all planned out, but I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet.

One of the challenges I’m finding is that in a world where we’re running out of natural resources and have a plastics (and other) pollution problem, what are the best gifts to buy people that will delight and give enjoyment that also have less of an impact on the world around us? For the last few years, I have delayed buying items that I need and asked for them as presents – even if I know what I’m having I still get a buzz from opening presents! But if there is nothing you need, what’s next?

Giving items that help support or promote positive change can make Christmas gifting special. This could be a practical item, an experience or event. I was thinking about this and wondered how, as The Sensitive Foodie, I could offer special gifting and help give ideas about ‘different’ Christmas presents. Here’s what I came up with:

  1. My book! You can buy Eat Well Live Well with The Sensitive Foodie as a paperback through Amazon or get it directly from me – I can sign it too this way. It does use natural resources but can also promote positive change! Alternatively, you can buy it on kindle as a digital gift. To buy on Amazon click here or send me a message here and I’ll get on in the post (UK only, sorry).
  2. Buy a one to one session as an experience. If your loved one is looking for some support with making positive changes – with weight loss, food intolerances or a health challenge – but hasn’t had the money to do it, then this could be the perfect gift for them. A session includes getting to the root of the challenge, a nutritional analysis, a personalised action plan and a follow up call. It’s all on-line so distance is not a problem. To find out more or buy an experience, message me here.
  3. Buy a gift voucher. Give a voucher that can be used towards a one to one session, diet analysis, course or workshop. That way your loved one can choose what they want to do! Message me here to find out more or buy a voucher.

I’m launching my on-line course in January, so a gift voucher would be perfect for this (just in case you need another idea!).

Whatever you choose to buy this festive season, I like to think that buying with thoughtfulness and love makes all the difference – maybe that’s just because I just love this time of year! Happy shopping.

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