Broad bean and sun-dried tomato salad

Looking out of the window as I write, it’s hard to believe it’s Spring. The rain is hammering down, blown into the window by the ferocious wind and it’s so dull outside I need the lights on inside, even midday. Even though the rain is still needed, it’s pretty miserable! It’s days like this I like to eat food that reminds me the sun will shine again . This lovely salad does just that. Continue reading “Broad bean and sun-dried tomato salad”

Rainbow roasted carrot and thyme salad

I’m a big fan of carrots. And of rainbow eating. So you can imagine how excited I get when I find rainbow carrots!  I’m like a kid in a sweet shop, much to the embarrassment of whoever I’m with.  Sometimes hard to find in mainstream supermarkets (although I have noticed them appearing more, along with a premium price), they seem to be easier to find at farmers markets and farm shops. Or even better, try and grow your own – they’ll taste so good! Continue reading “Rainbow roasted carrot and thyme salad”

Warm roasted fig and rocket salad

Figs are a fruit I used to despise! But I vividly remember the day I changed my mind. We were on a family holiday in the Algarve and the owner of the villa brought us a plate of freshly picked figs from their tree. I wouldn’t try them. But after the others exclaimed how delicious they were I couldn’t resist just a little try. Which turned into enjoying a feast of figs – they were truly amazing! Continue reading “Warm roasted fig and rocket salad”