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Drum roll please………my new book is out! If you follow me on Facebook hopefully you’ve seen the posts and know it’s a thing. But do you know what it’s all about? And not everyone has been sucked in to the time-wasting chasm that is social media, so here is the run down.

Eat Well Live Well with the Sensitive Foodie – may not be the catchiest of titles but it sums it up rather nicely! Based on the idea that the food we eat really is key to health, it’s part information, part cookbook interwoven with the story of my own health challenges and the desire to eat great food. Basically everything The Sensitive Foodie is all about!

The first half explores the food-health connection, how our bodies like to live and how changes we can make benefit ourselves and the world around us. I delve into evolution, biology and cover some of the things I learnt as a nurse and as well as my time in India. It also examines just what a whole-food plant-based means, what you can eat and my top tips on how to manage it in every day life. Most importantly, it also cover how to make cake!

The second is all about putting it in to practice – it’s the recipes! There’s over 100 different ones to try ranging from simple breakfast, to mix and match lunches to posh dinners to impress your friends. None are difficult, all are tried and teen-tested, so you should be able to find something to suit everyone. Flavour and enjoyment come first with all the recipes – the fact they are full of wonderful, body-loving nutrients and gut-hugging fibre are a side bonus.

Sadly there are no photos; I have self-published and colour pictures shoot the printing cost way outside most peoples budgets, mine included. So to make up for it, there are special book links on the website showing tantalising shots of the finished products, as well as some additional material we couldn’t squeeze into the book.

I launched the book on 23rd February at the first Horsham Vegan Festival and it sold really well. The festival itself was an incredible success with visitors way beyond the organisers expectations. In fact, most of the food stalls sold out early on demand was so high. It’s estimated that around 2000 people came along which shows just how much the world of plant-based eating and veganism is changing. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, and a good time was had by all.

Eat Well Live Well with The Sensitive Foodie is available for sale on Amazon – if you click the link in the side panel it will take you straight there. A kindle version will be available very soon too. Alternatively, I will be selling it at various events and well-being fairs, so keep an eye on the website if you fancy buying one direct from me – I’ll even sign it for you (but only if you want me to!).

And if you’ve already got your copy, happy reading. Don’t forget to let me know what you think – I’d love to hear about your plant-based journey. And if you fancy writing a review on Amazon, that would be awesome!

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