Christmas countdown

It’s the 1st December, so it’s reasonable to start talking about Christmas now! It’s the time of year of parties, Christmas meet ups and of course the big feast itself on Christmas Day. It’s also the time when the hardest challenges pop up if you have to take care about what is in the food you eat. Rich cakes, heavy pastries and meat traditionally feature this time of year. Not so good for the whole-food plant-based eater!

Fortunately, restaurants are cottoning on to the purchasing power of people who are looking for alternative dishes, although some are more imaginative than others.My heart always sinks a little when the only option is a mushroom risotto. So unnecessary!

If you’re dining at home, or cooking for someone who needs plant options then there’s no need to miss out on special seasonal dishes. Which is why I have put together The Sensitive Foodie Advent Calendar. Every day for the next 24 days, you can open the door (or your email!) to a seasonal recipe, inspiration or fun fact to get you in the festive spirit.

So if you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, do it now so you don’t miss out. Just complete the form in the side column on the right. And keep a look out for the first recipe landing real soon.

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