One to one sessions

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Food is a major part of every day life. Making changes to the way you eat - out of choice or because you've been told you need to - can affect you in many ways; your feelings, family, social and work. It's all to easy to feel lost and alone. That's where I can help.

Change can be positive, and yet so difficult, especially if you have a health problem and want to transform it. So often I come across people who have been told why and what, but not how to do it. That's where I come in.


Years of working in healthcare means I have a good understanding of how the body works, and having made successful changes myself whilst managing a family and my nursing career means I understand the difficulties you may face in the real world. Plus, we all still want to eat great food, right?

One to one sessions with me can be done in person, or via Skype. It may be that just one session is all you need, or you may want regular coaching calls - it's up to you. Why not book a free 15 minute contact call to find out if it's something that would work for you? Sign up for your free call here and lets see how I can help you make amazing changes so you can Eat Well and Live Well!