Eating a whole-food plant-based diet is an amazing way to transform your health and the way you feel, but it can be rather overwhelming to start – there’s so much to explore!

All my courses are available online. They provide accessible information that help you learn more about why whole-food plant-based eating is the way to go, and, most importantly, how to make positive sustainable changes. 

Currently there are three options to choose from:

Eating Whole Plant Foods for Health – £10

This short course gives you an overview of the amazing benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet in three easy sessions.

As a taster to my main course, each session has a short video, activity and a recipe to try. It’s a fantastic way to start exploring the wonderful benefits of whole-food plant-based eating. 

Find out more HERE.


Eat Well live Well Online – £99.00

This 5 week course provides you with an amazing array of information exploring the benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet for health – for us and the world we live in.

Each week explores a different aspect including nutrition, gut health and the food-health connection. There’s also handy guides such as eating out and how to bake the perfect plant-based cake. 

You can access the course at any time and complete it at your own pace. At the end of each unit, there’s a few questions to help you reflect on what you’ve learnt and how you can make easy changes. 

Eat Well Live Well is suitable for anyone looking to learn more about whole-food plant-based eating for their own or a family member’s health, or a health professional ready to support their patients.

To find out more or to access the course today, click here. Or if you have any questions, please contact me directly here.

 Eat Well LIve Well Plus – £199.00

If you’re ready to learn with the Eat Well Live Well course but need additional support, Eat Well Live Well Plus is for you. Following the course at your own pace, you also have 3 one to one calls with me to make sure you receive the information or receive the coaching you need to make positive change. 

Coaching calls are held on zoom where we explore the changes you need to make and put into place additional strategies to help you achieve your goals. To find out more about Eat Well Live Well Plus, please contact me using this form.


coming soon: introductory cooking course

Whole-food plant-based cooking techniques can be a little different to ‘normal’ cooking. If you need a little bit of a guiding hand, my new introductory cooking course will help.

Ten lessons covering the basics ranging from frying without oil to making pastry and excellent cakes will get you up and running. 

This course is currently in production – click here to register your interest and be the first to find out about launch dates and special offer.