Cooking classes

Cooking a whole-food plant-based diet is easy and fun. But it can be a bit daunting if you're not used to it, especially when cooking without oil or exploring new techniques.

So why not join one of my online cooking classes? You can cook from the comfort of your own kitchen (which of course is where you will carry on cooking from!) in the company of others, so we can make it a social event too. Classes will be kept small so you can ask questions as we go along, and finish with a delicious dish and a host of new skills.

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How will it work?

Classes are organised through a lovely platform call and held on zoom. Once you've registered and paid, you will be sent class information and a link for the class along with all the ingredients and equipment you will need plus any prep that needs doing before hand.

All classes will last between 1hr 15 mins to 1hr 30 mins and there will be plenty of time for questions. Each class costs £12 normally, but the kind people at Oliss are offering a special 50% discount as a special launch offer. Just use code OLISS50 at the check out

Class schedule:

Rich Christmas Cake - baked and raw versions. Saturday 28th November 2.30-4pm

In this lesson, we will be making Christmas cake two ways. Firstly a rich, whole food plant based version of classic Christmas cake. And whilst that's baking, we'll make some super tasty raw Christmas cake energy balls for you to enjoy right away.

Gingerbread Wednesday 2nd and Saturday 5th December

Who doesn't love a bit of gingerbread at Christmas? In this lesson we will make a whole-food plant-based version of these lovely biscuits and talk about how to make a gingerbread house.

Alternative mince or apple pies -  Wednesday 9th and Saturday 12th December

Mince pies are the ultimate Christmas snack - crisp pastry and a rich fruity filling. Traditionally made with butter pastry and suet fat, they can be a no-go area for anyone eating a whole plant-based diet. But my version avoids all those pit-falls and taste fab too. And if you don't like mincemeat, then we'll make spicy apple pies as well.

Chestnut and lentil savoury mix Wednesday 16th and Saturday 19th December

Nut loaf is tasty, but you might want to have something more festive for Christmas day. This super tasty savoury mix can be eaten as it is or wrapped up in a number of ways - all of which we will cover in this lesson so you can have festive flavours just how you want them.

Yule log - Wednesday 23rd  December

Heavenly chocolatey yule log is a definite Christmas treat. But finding one that doesn't contain loads of eggs or dairy - or even chocolate - can be a challenge. This yule log is a delicious plant-based alternative. Using lighter and rather unusual ingredients, it still tastes delightfully chocolatey and will tick the festive treat checklist.

Whole food plant based introductory cooking classes - starting January 2021

If you're new to whole-food plant-based eating or even to cooking from scratch, my introductory classes will take your right back to the basics and give you a great start to the year. More details out soon or send me a message to express your interest