Cooking classes

Cooking a whole-food plant-based diet is easy and fun. But it can be a bit daunting if you're not used to it, especially when cooking without oil or exploring new techniques.

So why not join one of my online cooking classes? You can cook from the comfort of your own kitchen (which of course is where you will carry on cooking from!) in the company of others, so we can make it a social event too. Classes will be kept small so you can ask questions as we go along, and finish with a delicious dish and a host of new skills.

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How will it work?

Classes are held live twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month between 2.30-4pm. Bookings are organised by my courses site. Follow the link with whichever class you would like to join - you will be asked to register your details for the first time. Once you have booked your class, it will appear on your student dashboard.

Click on the class and you will see the list of ingredients and equipment you will need as well as the particular zoom link for the class. A reminder email will be sent the day before the class is due to start, just in case you forget....

It's a good idea to book at least a few days in advance to make sure you have time to get all the ingredients, especially if you rely on internet deliveries or someone else is shopping for you.

All classes will last between 1hr 15 mins to 1hr 30 mins and there will be plenty of time for questions as well as a little chat and socialising with other participants.

Class schedule:

Saturday 27th February 2.30-4pm

Lemon and elderflower cupcakes with lemon curd and elderflower jelly.

In this class, we will makes these lovely cupcakes, perfect for a celebration or just to add a little sunshine to your day.

Together we will make the three elements - the cupcakes, lemon curd and the elderflower jelly - ready for you to finish constructing your delicious treats.

The recipes are all plant-based, nut free and can be made gluten free.

lemon and elderflower cupcakes pic