Spring cleaning from the inside out

It’s nearly the beginning of May, and Spring is in full flow. I love this time of year – longer days, warmer weather and new life blossoming in nature. In the middle of dark, grey winter its hard to visualise the trees budding green and beautiful blossom fluttering in the breeze.
But gradually things change and here we are now in the middle of it all, maybe with a bit extra time to actually stop and admire it this year…..

It’s also the traditional time of year for Spring cleaning, a chance to fling open the windows and shake away the dirt and dust that’s accumulated over the winter months – a fresh, clean home is a wonderful thing (especially if you’re lucky to have someone to do the cleaning for you!!!). Likewise, it’s a fabulous time to take stock and do a bit of personal, internal cleaning, especially if you’ve been extra comfort eating or drinking over the last couple of months!

Our bodies are designed to work efficiently and don’t like to get bogged down with waste products.  The liver plays a huge role with dealing with toxins and waste products and works super hard at making sure we’re protected from dangerous toxins and chemicals that could cause harm (as well as doing so many more jobs at the same time). The kidneys, gut and skin all play a supporting role by being routes for elimination, as waste products need an exit plan!

Even though we’re designed for all these organs and processes to work well, our modern lifestyles and food choices have a way of making it more difficult for them to do their job. Processed low fibre food, too many glasses of wine and not enough water and a low intake of fresh fruit and veg all contribute to sticking a huge spanner in the works. So it’s a good idea to put aside a few days and take some simple actions to reset and refresh. And as health is in the spotlight this year, it’s even more important to start new healthy habits as we move through Spring into summer and hopefully out of lockdown.

If you’re not sure where to start, here are three of my top tips to help you start putting a spring in your step.

  1. Flush your system – drink more fluid, ideally water! Your body loves being fully hydrated, and the extra fluid will help your kidneys flush out unwanted toxins. But take care – too much water is as bad as too little, so drink enough that you don’t feel thirsty but not so much you’re bloated.
  2. Nourish your liver – green veggies contain loads of different nutrients that help keep the liver
    healthy, so it can do its job properly. Nature knows this as if you think about it, all the seasonal veg is green – spinach, spring greens, asparagus, broccoli, peas….. Packed with B vitamins which support liver function, they also have a range of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients that help the liver work well.
  3. Scrub your gut – not literally, but if you increase your intake of whole-grains like oats and rice, the complex fibre will help move out built up waste and bad bacteria in your gut. Constipation is a huge problem for many people. And a sluggish gut makes you feel sluggish too. Fibre is natures brillo pad. It helps push waste through the intestines and stimulates having a bowel motion. Increasing fibre intake by just a couple of portions a day, eating greens and drinking more water will all help your gut work well.

I hope you find these top tips helpful. There’s lots more actions you can take to Spring clean both your body and mind which I cover again in the future.

What’s your favourite way of Spring cleaning? Do let me know.

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