Easy Vegan Campervan Cookbook


14 easy one pot meals for cooking in limited space. This version is free (for now) whilst the proper ebook version is created! But it would be great if you donated a small contribution to Little Green Pigeon Bird Sanctuary to support their stellar work. Go to their website or check out the book description for more info.



Cooking in a campervan, tent or limited space can be challenging! Two small gas rings (if you’re lucky) and few places to store ingredients and equipment. Plus you’re on holiday!

For many, holiday means not cooking. But if you’re eating a healthy vegan diet (whole-food, plant-based) to manage a health condition which doesn’t take any time off, then it can be hard to eat out more than once or twice. And if you’re travelling around in a campervan, checking out quieter, off grid sites, then eating out might not be an option anyway.

This short cook book gives you 14 super tasty and easy dishes to cook in a small space. No oil, whole ingredients and so many nutrients you really will return from your trip refreshed and revived. A shopping list and equipment guide are included to help get your organised for your trip.

Currently this guide is free to download (I’m in the process of creating a more extensive ebook but want to get this out in holiday season). I hope you get great value from it and feel like making a voluntary donation to Little Green Pigeon Bird Sanctuary instead.

Run by Susan Joyce, this small sanctuary based in Staffordshire, cares for any wild bird that comes their way. From tiny babies to fledglings and injured adult birds, they have already helped over 300 birds since March this year, with more coming in every day. Their bird feed bill alone is huge even though they return as many as possible to the wild. So all contributions are welcome, even a couple of pounds.

If you use Paypal, you can make a donation direct to their account using email Coocoo@littlegreenpigeon.co.uk. Alternatively, check out their website https://littlegreenpigeon.co.uk

Thank you for your help. And enjoy the book.

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