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It’s not often these days thatI rush home to catch the beginning of a TV programme, but last night it was different. And it’s definitely not often that the programme I’m rushing to see is Come Dine with Me. But when you know someone appearing on it, it’s different!

After months of waiting, the opening episode of the new series was in Brighton,  and featured a gorgeous eclectic Brighton mix of individuals, including the lovely Sue Bradley.

I met Sue through a fabulous networking organisation called the Mumpreneurs Networking Club (MNC) and got to know her better after she came along to my Eat Well, Live Well course (although I did not know she played the saw!!!). Sue is a yoga teacher and an Eating Psychology Coach, and is passionate about fabulous, real food. If you missed last night’s episode, follow this link to see the fun, frolics and food

I caught up with Sue recently to find out more about what she does as an Eating Psychology Coach: here’s what she told me.

Me: So Sue, what exactly is Eating Psychology all about?

Sue: Eating Psychology is all about HOW and WHY you eat, rather that WHAT you eat. My practice incorporates mind-body nutrition and neuro-slimming for overeating; simple and effective techniques to help people change how they think about food and banish overeating and negative behavioural patterns for good. Basically, I help people transform their relationship with food.

Me: Sounds good! What type of people do you work with?

Sue: Anyone who wants to change the way they eat. I meet a lot of people who have been on diets that don’t work for years, obsessive about counting calories or weighing and logging every ingredient and develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Or others who overeat and are stuck in a negative mindset.

Me: What about people who find themselves addicted to certain foods?

Sue: Yes, I also offer food education and re-education for those who already know what to eat, but are still finding themselves unwittingly consuming things that they really don’t want to. This is often due to the addictive qualities of the food-related products we are surrounded by. This involves various processes, including demystifying ingredients on food packaging and helping people to shop smarter and healthier.

Me: So how can people get to see you?
Sue: I work with clients on a one to one basis. I can meet people in person here in Brighton or across the South East and London, or can meet worldwide via Skype, so I can be accessible to anyone. There’s more information on my website

Me: You have a YouTube channel too
Sue: Yes, I have some short food education vlogs that people can watch – people can find out more by watching this short video

So there you have it, everything you needed to know about Sue’s Eating Psychology but didn’t find out by watching Come Dine with Me! Mind you, Sue’s dishes made my mouth water, especially her dessert. Luckily, the recipes are available as an ebook – click here to get yours Right, key lime pie, I’m coming for you!

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