Magic pastry

Here’s the final video for this Global Sharing Week – and it’s a good’un! If you like pastry, but cannot or do not eat refined fats (so can’t make it the traditional way or pop to the supermarket for a ready-roll version), you’ll love this super-easy and tasty pastry that is surprisingly easy to make and very forgiving in clumsy hands!

My magic pastry can be adapted to fit any intolerance or dietary needs. The version I show you in the video is nut free and can be made with gluten-free oats. It can just as easily be made with nuts – walnuts and almonds are my favourite. You can also add extra flavourings like herbs or nutritional yeast to give it a more savoury flavour.

I hope you enjoy this video. Let me know if you give it a go, and if you know someone who would like it, then please share it with them.

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